What’s the Difference Between White Label and Turnkey?

What’s the Difference Between White Label and Turnkey?

01.02.2022 Off By CJ

Many beginner entrepreneurs are thinking about the simple and quick launch for their start-ups this year. Beginners find tasks like independent search for casinos software providers, the conclusion of agreements with designers, the preparation and collection of documentation, and licensing of their projects to be very difficult.

It is no wonder many entrepreneurs prefer seeking the help of professionals. As it stands right now, the launch of a project under the famous White Label program and the development of the popular turkey casino is the fastest and easiest ways to open to start a gaming website. To help you find it easier to choose the method that is perfect for you, we have explored the difference between the two options.

Turkey Online Casinos – Benefits

There are various aspects that should guide the selection of the ideal format of cooperation. These include:

  • Characteristics of licensing
  • Peculiarities of website design development
  • Quality of gaming content
  • Technical maintenance
  • Protection of gambling projects

According to the criteria shown above, one can argue that there are practically no drawbacks of a turkey casino development. The truth is that this method has many advantages:

  • Original website design. The users can create their own website design or customize the available standard website styles to suit their needs.
  • Software from the best developers. The collaboration with time-tested intermediaries is something that guarantees a varied assortment of relevant gaming content.
  • Reliable protection of gaming platform. Buying turkey casinos means the acquisition of the advanced protection software. You can use these security tools to identify potential fraudsters so you can prevent potential cases theft of financial resources, and cases of money laundering.
  • Quick response to technical problems. Users can rely on the experienced technical employee staff that is always ready to help and resolve any problem.
  • Assistance in obtaining license. When you professionals, you will be protected from many risks. The process of obtaining a license will also be very quick.
  • Fast and secure payment methods. There will be a wide selection of reliable and quick payment instruments that your customers will receive.

The White Label Program

Just like the turkey gaming project, the launch of the White Label casino is a very simple and incredibly fast process. However, this method typically has a smaller set of irreplaceable opportunities. Here are the peculiarities of a White Label program:

  • Ready-made design. The White Label program is a kind of franchise cooperation. The operator will get a ready-made website that operates under a well-known brand’s name.
  • No need for a license. An intermediary company supplies the license of any website that is created under the White Label program. This means that you can start working in few hours after ordering the casino.
  • Technical support. This program includes 24/7 maintenance for customers and operators.
  • A fixed set of casino games. It is unfortunate that operators cannot choose the games on their own. Even so, gambling content from the time-tested projects is typically characterized by big demand and high quality.

Main Things about White Label and Turkey Casinos

A turkey casino is a good option if you want to:

  • Select the necessary gaming content on your own
  • Get your own license for gambling activities
  • Customize your gambling projects

A White Label casino is an ideal option for you if you want to:

  • Get a specified set of time-tested games
  • Operate under the famous brand’s name
  • Launch your online project within a short time